Christians are those who believe in the person and teachings of Jesus Christ. They hold unto all that Jesus stands for and lead their lives by Jesus’ principles for living as given in the Bible. One of the teachings of Jesus Christ is “…that men ought always to pray, and not faint” – Luke 18:1b

Experience has revealed that a prayerless Christian is powerless, visionless, weak Christian and a potential failure as the case may be. This is because prayer is a major communication line between God and man, and God, is the founder and finisher of the faith Christians profess. Some men/children of God have treaded thoroughly on this part and have impacted their generations for God. A perfect example of such men/children of God is Daniel – the man in whom there was no blemish.


The study of Daniel’s prayer life will thrill the heart of any Christian who desires God’s best for his life. Daniel’s prayer life was disciplined, yet dynamic. It was regular, yet real. It was humble, yet highly esteemed. It was tried, yet triumphant.


Daniel was of the children of Judah that were carried captive into Babylon with Jehoiakim; and was of princely blood, if not of the royal seed, as appears from Daniel 1:3, 5.

Daniel with others, were selected by the order of the king of Babylon, to be educated in the learning of the Chaldeans, and to be maintained at his expense, in order to be his ministers, (Dan. 1:3-7), but Daniel and his three companions refused the king’s meat and wine, so that they are not defiled; in which they were indulged by their governor, after trial being made, that they were fairer and fatter for it (Dan. 1:8-16), and, at the end of the time appointed, they appeared to have a large share of knowledge, wisdom, and learning; upon which they were taken into the king’s court and service (Dan. 1:17-20).

By Daniel’s background, the following are obvious;

  1. He was from a royal and noble family – 1:3, 5
  2. He was strong, healthy, and good looking – 1:4
  3. He was a genius: well versed in every branch of learning – 1:4
  4. He was educated in history and literature of the land – 1:4

Yet, Daniel and his colleagues chose God, and consecrated themselves to him – Dan. 1:5-12



It is accounted that Daniel prayed in about four different times;

  1. Daniel 2:17 & 18 – The first time was in Chapter two at the beginning of his career as a teenager when King Nebuchadnezzar had the dream of the great image, and when he demanded that the wise men in his court tell him what he had dreamed and what the dream meant. This demand caused Daniel and his three friends to join together in prayer in order to seek the answer from God for this difficult assignment. Read 2:19–23                                                                                                
  2. Daniel 6:10-16 – When he was threatened to be thrown into the lion’s den for praying to God. Because he outstood the other administrators and high officials in the land; and they could not find a fault in him to charge him, they conspired against him by his religion.
  3. Daniel 9:3-19 – When Daniel discovered that that the people of Judah in Babylonian captivity were appointed to be captives for 70 years. He began to pray for them, asking God for mercy upon him and his people. These people have stayed about 68 years in exile and remains 2 years to be released to their land as prophesied by Jeremiah (Jeremiah 29:1-14).
  4. Daniel 10:2, 3, 12, 13 – Daniel also prayed to God when he received a vision of the events that were to happen in the future; about times of wars and great hardship.

Daniel’s first prayer was a corporate prayerto save his life, his colleagues, and others.

His second was when he was threatened with lion’s then, so that he could not worship his God.

The third was a prayer of mercy and forgiveness over the exiled Israelites who would spend 70 years exiled.

Fourth prayer was about the happenings of war and hardship that will happen in the future.



  • He saved lives.
  • He made his brothers strong – he was the one bringing suggestion over any situation.
  • He was more capable than other administrators and officials.
  • He had the special ability to interpret dreams and visions.
  • He overcame lions when thrown into their den.
  • He understood God’s will.
  • He was bold and blameless.
  • He was compassionate.


  • Spiritual team work – praying with other believers over issues.
  • Closeness with God.
  • Concerns for other peoples’ welfare.
  • Fervent and constant prayers (Luke 18:1)
  • Spiritual and physical discipline.

No doubt, prayer is a powerful way into God’s heart, will, purpose and power.

Prayer is God’s will for his children, and we must do his will to show our obedience and commitment to him. By prayer, we enter into God’s supernatural presence and glory; we open and we lock; we decree and we terminate. Any Christian who does not pray is open to attack from the enemies at any point in time; no guard, no protection. It is through prayer that we can effectively affect our generation and have power over our territory as Christians.


Pray, do not murmur, Christian pray.


  • ExoRank Posted January 29, 2020 11:41 pm

    Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  • Anagwu Cletus . Posted June 2, 2020 7:44 am

    Great exposition and good for christians who desire to grow.
    Keep it up sir.

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