CLMS, Dip. Th., Dip. R. S., B. Th. (Hons), B. A. (Hons), M. A.
, is a man of the cloth (Ordained minister) in the Anglican Communion, Nigeria. A multi-talented individual who believes in understanding and fulfilling one’s potentials as a way of being relevant for both God and humanity; being heavenly focused and yet earthly relevant, to the Mater’s (God’s) glory.

He once quoted: “This is true religion: loving God and loving humanity… all others are distractions”. He has argued, that loving humanity is not necessarily loving the world (flesh/materialism), but a calling unto every individual to rule God’s earthly domain (His heavenly outpost), by adding value to it and making it a better place than we meet it, when after all, all are made in God’s image and likeness with the main purpose of dominating God’s world. This outlook, has prominently reflected in his actions.

Mike has confessed his excellence and versatility to utmost exposure to great tomes and inspirational literature; faith and positivity; diligence and compassion. But above all, he emphatically would say, that he could not have taken any good step without God’s grace and approval.

He is an Inspirational Talker, whose messages has healed many homes and lives. He’s been a Relationship and Life Coach for years, with many heart-gladdening testimonies from homes, families and individuals, by God’s grace.

The Smiles Zone was started in 2018, following the divine leading he got, to take the message of the Gospel (Peace and Abundance of Life to All) beyond the Pulpit and the four walls of the Church. So, he decided to chase darkness away from the hearts of men by exposing them to the mind of God through His word. Every soul must understand the love of God which is poured abroad unto all.



Mike loves to read and buy relevant books. He has a library which wows people who would have thought less of such coming from a clergyman. This has influenced his stunning ability to write.

He is a good singer with a thrilling voice. Writing or composing songs is an easy task for him, which he could do anytime and anywhere. A lover of good music.

Another thing he enjoys doing at leisure, is driving.

In 2017, Mike published his first book, titled, “Arise And Shine – A Classic Call To Victory When The Chips Are Down”. The book takes from the literal dawning of the day to its sunset, and of the start of human existence till the later part of their life, as very important moment to watch and plan about.

Another book came up for publication, in 2019, titled, “Elusive Beauty – Understanding And Appreciating Real Beauty”. This book is out to heal the ailing humanity from the utopia and illusional mindset that life is perfect with material wealth and physical beauty. It proclaims the virtues of vision, compassion, association, wisdom, honesty, self-mastery, time, among others, as qualities that weigh far beyond what the physical eyes can see; without which coexistence become a mere wish.

He has written many articles and has some more books to be published in the near future.


Solomon Michael is a seasoned theologian and master of the New Testament studies.

Without Purpose,
Life is a Pitiful Struggle

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